• An overview of the Visualisation Kit

    The Visualisation Kit contains sufficient materials for one group of four players. By purchasing more kits, teachers can involve more groups of children. Each kit includes a booklet with instructions on how to arrange and view the blocks.

    A single set contains:

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  • GeoGenius Visualisation Kit history

    GeoGenius’ history began in 2004 with teacher and educationalist Aarnout Brombacher. Aarnout has accumulated extensive expertise on how geometry stimulates a child’s development. Aarnout developed the GeoGenius Visualisation Kit because he believes that visualisation processes are crucial to the development of geometrical understanding. A GeoGenuis Visualisation Kit is not only educational but it’s also a joy to play with. The kit allows children the opportunity to work together to construct a 3-D arrangement of blocks from a 2-D viewing card, where each player only has information about one view of the arrangement.

    Spatial understanding helps:

    • The development of mathematics
    • An appreciation of aesthetics
    • An understanding of science
    • Reasoning in a deductive manner
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